For live shows of the artists please check their websites.

2019-07-27 New films and videos

Brothers and Sisters, would you mind taking a look at Adi Gelbart's new mind-boggling and -giggling video March of the thinking machines illustrating (in quite an ill manner) the track of the same name that was released in this shed einst zu Olims Zeiten. He uses quite some bloody tricks there, especially an Artificial Intelligence (how I hate this term) program that tries to understand Adi's bad cat doodles, in order to turn them into something 3D.

Well, THAT video will turn your brain upside down. But it's not as 3D as the film Felix in Wonderland that the wonderful Marie Losier created about Mr. Kubin's persona. This shiny diamond will see its world premiere on 16th of August 2019 at the Locarno Film Festival. From there on it might hop straight into YOUR shed, so keep the doors and eyes open, dude.

2019-02-24 Gagarin Records 21st anniversary

Here's to all the single-legged unicorns and glitzy music freaks!

We celebrate the 21st jubilee of our label with a festivity at Kampnagelfabrik on March 2nd, 2019. Our line-up features 4 wonderful artists and two wonderful DJs, following auf dem Fuße in clear one-sentence descriptions:

Eli Gras (Barcelona) - the Residents meet Jeanette in a dry bug museum
Pękala-Kordylasińska-Pękala (Warschau) - Provocative Percussion meets Mister Modular
Adi Gelbart (Berlin/Tel Aviv) - Saxosynthetic Jazz meets LSD Library
The Demo Dandies (Hamburg) - Felix meets Felix inna Deep Demo Confusion

Watch some self-explanatory trailers here and here.
Bring a bottle and sink like a building.

Felix K. and Juri G.

2017-07-06 Me & My Rhythm Box on documenta

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Here comes the late news of the early bird: as you know, I am diligently producing my daily show "Me & My Rhythm Box" for Savvy Funk, the documenta 14 radio in Berlin. It's on every day from 17:10 h till 18:00 h (CET).
Turn in, tune on, drop box! My last show is on 7.7.17!

You can re-listen to the shows in my mixcloud Rhythm Box archive. Here's a list of all the artists:

17.6. Ursula Block ('Gelbe Musik') – vinyl as a sound object & instrument
18.6. Alessandro Bosetti and speech therapist Judith Rau – the voice-art-instrument
19.6. Mariola Brillowska – the anti-instrument
20.6. Berliner Nasenflötenorchester (nose-flutes orchestra) – trilling while strolling
21.6. Michael Vorfeld – music with light bulbs
22.6. Annika Kahrs – animal sounds, animal music
23.6. Gamut Inc. – musical robots
24.6. Felix Kubin – strange instruments (ALKU, Raymond Scott a.o.)
25.6. Mark Boombastik – the human beatbox as a noise machine
27.6. Phillip Sollmann – 'All about Harry Partch'
28.6. Gelbart – the scratch instrument & the bass clarinet
29.6. Neil Feather – self-built futuristic musical instruments
30.8. Helena Hauff & Richard von der Schulenberg – the drumcomputer orchestra
01.7. Andrea Neumann – the (prepared) inner piano
02.7. Max Goldt – 'rubbermind music' & Sprechgesang
03.7. Sven-Åke Johansson – foam, telephone books and cardboard boxes
04.7. Thomas Ankersmit – otoacoustic signals, the ear as an instrument
05.7. A.K. Klosowski – das Kassetteninstrument
06.7. Marc Matter – sound poetry, the record player as an instrument
07.7. Lucrecia Dalt – internal and external sampling, the artist as a choir

Tune out, drop off, turn up!!


ever-ringing Telephone Lady

2016-12-22 A.K.Klosowski / a short documentary

Raving reviews like this have rinsed the shores of the internet rivers, since we released A.K.Klosowski's solo works on his Kassetteninstrument:

At times it's an awful cacophony; at others, the mood is playful, while at others still, it's darkly sinister. Bendy organs and warped tape loops, stretched and scratchy, make weird, woozy wigouts. With motorik rhythms twisted out of time, it's like Krautrock on acid, with nods to Throbbing Gristle and Suicide, William Burroughs and Cabaret Voltaire. It's pretty fucking cool. - Aural Aggravation

So, how does that magic machine work?
Here's a short video documentary by Axel Schäffler.

2016-09-06 A.K.Klosowski and the Kassetteninstrument

Stop rolling your fags for a moment. Here's news.

Up and coming is an LP by tape musician A.K.Klosowski, a pioneer of cut-up noise/pop with a very own twist due to a very own instrument that he produced his music on: the Kassetteninstrument. That's a wondrous machine constructed of 8 walkmen driven by a trigger technique of computer music pioneer Werner Lambertz (the inventor of the infamous Brontologic). Add some gorgeous echo effects and an old BOSS Dr. Rhythm drum computer, and you'll be taken on a romantic trip through wobbly loops, erratic swings and African patterns placed in industrial environments. Klosowski had already put out an LP in collaboration with Pyrolator back in 1985, but we dare say his solo work is much rougher and more relentless.

We are proud to release these cunning cut-ups on the lady label of your heart - Gagarin Records (you knew it) - for the first time! Release date will be 1st of November 2016.
We'll scatter some sound probes before on the web, so keep your shoelaces open!

2016-04-26 Gelbart music video and Kubin Splitter split

Just a short trumpet signal: TÄÄ!

Mariola made a frantic video clip to a jumpy track by Gelbart whose recent release on our favourite label is going like cut bread (Grüße an alle deutschen Leser).

More news? Strap down, get ready, be refreshed: I will put out a split LP of myself and the fabulous Splitter Orchester from Berlin, an improvising swarm of men and crickets. The LP is actually less split than you might hope, as I interpret two of their tracks with my own means (means: 1 person vs. 24 on their side). A commission work that I created for the brilliant Labor Sonor (Translating Music) event in 2015. So, all tracks ARE connected, actually. More soon on this quantum-fuzzy planet.

2016-02-15 Gelbart

Dear readers of unfrequent albeit delightful information,

the process of releasing albums has been significantly slowed down these days, since major labels have rediscovered VINYL as a format of honour, art and profit (which it always was) and swamped the pressing plants with their commercial sludge. In the past those fatties - fortunately without success - tried to kill the black gold. Hence, it took us more than 8 months to release the new album of Adi Gelbart, "Preemptive musical offerings to satisfy our future masters", the successor of his hailed soundtrack "Vermin". As we dare to believe, the long wait was worth it. Here are the reasons why:

1. This record will make you happy
2. You will listen to it more than 10 times (which is rare nowadays)
3. It contains more compelling tunes and twists than an adult alligator can swallow

You can also find it on our new bandcamp site, in case you haven't been there yet. And, for the first time, we have some support from our friends of Finders Keepers Records in terms of distribution in the UK and outside of Europe.

2015-03-28 Kubin & the Mitcheez Videos

My headache assistant added two new videos that might tickle your retina:

1. An interview with Macio Moretti and Doc Kubinski
2. A live version of the fabulous track Boj sie Boogie - with an extra industrial ending!

Both shot in snowy Copenhagen during Kubin/Mitch's first European tour in 2014.

2015-03-18 A twinkle of the periscope

Dear newsfeed addicts and twitter twirls,

Felix Kubin has gone under water. He needs time to think and compose. The reason is a wonderful upcoming event called Takt der Arbeit that he will perform together with his Polish percussionist colleagues Miłosz Pękala, Magdalena Kordylasińska-Pękala and Hubert Zemler. Now THESE are names to remember (and to spell). The 70 min concert will happen on April 30st at Resonanzraum Hamburg and is commissioned by NDR das neue werk.

But in order to prevent you from drying out like the plants that used to live in Mr. Kubin's habitat - he doesn't own the green thumb as we call it - here's two little limelights to keep your photosynthesis intact:

1. A radio featurette about his recent album Chromdioxidgedächtnis (DR Kultur)

2. A jolly video clip by Mariola Brillowska for The Blindfold Babies, a new joint venture between Felix (Kubin) and Felix (Raeithel a.k.a. Istari Lasterfahrer). Their airy, lost-in-thought track "Cul Chranque" is part of a 5-tape-box released by Frankfurt's newborn label MMODEMM. Our friends of Les Trucs run the business and they seem to do it well, for the 50 boxes were sold out in 1 day.

2015-02-06 John Cage

John Cage war ein Pausenfüller.

2014-10-17 Tape Delinquents and Esa Shields

After decades, finally, the German Kassettentäter (tape delinquents) are celebrated on an internationally renowned label. Dr Kubin is proud to announce Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik, a compilation he curated for the splendid UK label Finder Keepers Records after months of research, odd phone calls and waiting room assistance. The promo machine has just started rolling. The album is released as double vinyl, CD and download. Featuring some of the nicest homerecording tape tracks of the German underground of the early 1980s.

Also, Esa Shield's haunting pop album Ovum Caper is climbing down from its secret fairy tree. A not so typical Gagarin release, it will nevertheless screw it's way into the wooden hearts of our waterproof time. Esa is also featured on the upcoming WIRE Tapper CD (Nov 2014 issue) with his track Woods and Gullies.

2014-08-29 4 new releases on the clothes line

It's 3:38 am, I am tired and unwilling to write, and I hate news.
But it has to be said: there are 4 new releases which you, dear unknown reader from above, might fall in love with.

ad 1
A monstrous opus magnum, "Chromdioxidgedächtnis" - conceived, recorded and written by my hyperactive self. This is a work of heart and of long development (2 years in the making), released as a boxset containing CD, a tape and a 32 p. booklet. It's all about the format of the audio cassette, our beloved extinguished medium of trust.

ad 2
A live performance of Scott Haggart's ongoing research project "1:17",  recorded together with eccentric dust collector Lary 7 and marriage impostor artist Felix Kubin at the ISSUE Project Room in NYC, 2009. It rattles and shakes, to say the least. After spilling a whole bottle of wine over our mixing boards, Mr Lary Seven nailed a record onto his tape machine bobby, which you can see on the cover artwork.

ad 3
A re-release of the long-out-of-print "Filmmusik" by Felix Kubin, the first release on Gagarin Records out of the year 1998. Contains wondrous animation film music for adults.

ad 4
Finally, a 7" by the most brilliant spoken word punk duo of the last decade: Sleaford Mods. Most of the edition was already gone, before I put it online. These grumbling grizzleys are WANTED.

2014-01-13 Live Video Footage of Felix and Mitch & Mitch

Excellent video footage of a live concert by Mr Kubin and the incredibly flanging big band Mitch & Mitch at Hamburg's Übel & Gefährlich Club hit the desk! Filmed, edited and mixed by Marq Lativ Guther. On VHS. Yes. See for yourself:

Narzissmus & Musik
The tired hands of M. Curie
Boj sie Boogie

The 10-headed band (a MONSTER) will be on tour again at the end of January.
Check the route here, and don't miss it or we will diss it (you).

2013-11-07 Zemsta Plutona

Here is the DRONE, the QUIETUS, the FACT about our hotspur Felix Kubin
CDs have already landed in Germany, Poland and Australia.
The vinyl version is about to arrive end of November.

2013-11-07 Gagarin Records 15th anniversary show

I just passed a bird who fell from a skateboard. The beak was swollen and washing gel ran out it. "Are you ok?" I asked. "As long as it helps to cleanse this world from villains and bring back Tim Smith of the Cardiacs, yes."

What an endearing utterance from a bird who fell (why didn't he fly, anyway). I put him on the guestlist of this event and he promised to come with his whole twittering family:

Gagarin Records 15th anniversary show

14.11.13 Berlin - WestGermany/NOrthEurope
Pete Um (Lecture Performance "Cambridge: the driest place on earth")
Felix Kubin (Lecture "Der Aufstand der Chemiker - Bergedorfs Kinderbandszene 1981")
+ Filme, Hörspiele, Tricks
DJ Alexa D!saster

15.11.13 Berlin - WestGermany/NOrthEurope
Les Trucs (live)
Gelbart (live, record release concert "Vermin")
Felix Kubin (live, record release concert "Zemsta Plutona")
DJs Alexa D!saster, Oscar der Winzige

16.11.13 Hamburg - Westwerk
Pete Um (Lecture Performance "Cambridge: the driest place on earth")
Gelbart (live, record release concert "Vermin")
Felix Kubin (live, record release concert "Zemsta Plutona")
DJs Alexa D!saster, Booty Carrell

WestGermany/NOrthEurope, Skalitzer Strasse 133, 10999 Berlin
Westwerk, Admiralitätstr. 74, 20459 Hamburg

2013-10-23 Gelbart on WIRE Tapper

Gelbart contributed a track of his upcoming Gagarin album VERMIN to the new Wire Tapper compilation #33 (November issue). The tapper is an exclusive free CD attached to the cover of the Wire magazine. It's compiled by Shane Woolman, Andy Tait and Katie Gibbons and contains a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks from across the spectrum of the kind of underground/outsider musics covered in The Wire.

2013-10-16 Gelbart - Vermin

Yes, that's his real name: Adi Gelbart. He comes from Tel Aviv and he lives in Berlin. And soon Gagarin Records will release a perpendicular album of this invader. It bursts with great melodies, aggressive tape saturation, uneven rhythms, mind-blowing sound effects (you will rediscover the concept of panning), sci-fi hallucinations and psychopilot disorientating bleeps. Especially the B-Side of that record, a score composed for Gelbart's film "Vermin" (yes, the man's a filmmaker, too), expands the palette of musical colours to unknown dimensions. Prog-Rock, Knot-Rock, Snot-Shot and Ro-Bot are joining their melting circuits. If you know what I mean. Listen here.

To close this slightly vague announcement, let us quote a Polish poet: "The leaves - it's so irritating that they can be so beautiful and then one day just fall like simple motherfuckers."

2013-09-17 New solo album by Felix Kubin out on 1st of Nov 13

The first of November finally sees Felix Kubin's new solo album Zemsta Plutona arrive. It will be released on Gagarin Records in collaboration with Hamburg's infamous dental imprint ZickZack, the label responsible for early 1980s releases by Palais Schaumburg, Wirtschaftswunder, Einstürzende Neubauten, Tödliche Doris and other remarkable outbursts of German neurosis. ZickZack Schallplatten is run by punk pope grandseigneur Alfred Hilsberg who already promoted Felix when he was a teen (Felix, not the pope).

The album will be released in all formats and all countries of all worlds (apart from Liechtenstein). Gagarin and ZickZack will take care of Western Europe, while LadoABC from Warsaw will rule the Eastern European hemisphere. Finally, the ominous Australian label Omni Recording Corporation will poison the rest of the world with Kubin's seductive "music".

This remarkable release matured like a wise old penguin. It contains well-known evergreens of Mr Kubin such as:

Lightning strikes
Atomium Vertigo
Flies without memory
Restez en ligne
Piscine résonnez!
The rhythm modulator cont'd
Zemsta Plutona

Keep your eyes and mouth open (especially when it rains)
and step onwards to a brighter yet foggier future!

mistily yours,

Jurij Gagarin III.

2013-07-11 New Apolkalypso Releases

Two new apolkalyptic entities have arrived:

Felix Kubin & James Pants
Mariola Brillowska

Check out these hot platters, they are floating like quicksand.

2012-12-29 David Fenech LP out now

Dear Looking Glass People,

I am happy to announce the advent of David Fenech's LP "Grand Huit". The record is now available from Stora mail order.
It's a wonderful soundstory composed of songs, acoustic sketches and field recordings. Everything was recorded on 4-track back in the nineties and released on CD by a small French label in 2000. The reason I put it out again on vinyl is that it's pretty unknown until today. For many years I kept listening and listening to the CD in repeat mode, so I thought: why not put it out on Gagarin Records?

The recordings are remastered by Mr. Gavin Weiß of SoundSupport who did a wonderful job here. And there's a hot cat on a poster accompanying the record, painted by the hot cat Martha Colburn.

I am sure you will dive into David Fenech's eery world of vocals and chords with the same shivers as I do.

A plus tard...

2012-11-15 Orphée Mécanique and Grand Huit

No, Mr Kubin hasn't gone over to the French. He still dreams in German. But it seems that French titles recently populate his black forrest. Finally, the long-awaited release of his radio play "Orphée Mécanique" has arrived in the world of concrete matter (matière concrète), namely on a CD put out soon by Belleville Verlag and Bayerischer Rundfunk. Enthusiastic listeners of the Hörspiel from all over Germany sent us emails offering a kingdom, a horse or their daughter (or all of it together) to get a copy of it. So, here you go. Keep your daughters and kingdoms, just send me horses and I will be happy to ride my 12 daughters to school every morning.

On a further note, the masterwork "Grand Huit" by David Fenech will be out in december on Gagarin Records. Hardly noticed at the time of its genesis back in 2000 due to unfavourable circumstances, you can soon enjoy this re-mastered "cinéma pour l'oreille" containing soundtracks of fear and glory on shimmering dark vinyl. Accompanied by a beautiful artwork of New York based artist Martha Colburn.

2012-09-16 Apolkalypso

Our new 7" label Apolkalypso has been launched on 31-8-2012.
Make a move with your eye(s) to the left, see, there it is in the menu.

The first five releases are by

Soft Focus
Broca Areal
Meryll Hardt

Check out how they sound like by clicking on the record covers here. All singles appear in a limited edition of a 100 copies with a transparent plastic screen-print cover and inlays individually designed by the artists themselves. They are going fast, so be quick.

Available at (check labels > apolkalypso).

2012-06-20 Apolkalypso, Demo Dandies#2, Teenage Tapes

Sorry for the silence on our end.
The ministers of the Gagarin empire had to betake themselves in seclusion - just to return in fresher shape than ever. Soon you will witness the launch of APOLKALYPSO, a new 7" sublabel dedicated to the idea of the (anti)hit and spontaneous attack. The first five releases will feature a flock of lucid candidates such as Lary 7, Jimi Tenor, Mia Theodoratus, Gelbart, On + Brr, Meryll Hardt and the scarred and eloquent Broca Areal. All releases come in an edition of 100 copies, transparent sleeve with a white logo and printed inlays created by the musicians themselves.

Next on Gagarin Records is a wonderful David Fenech vinyl (re)release of the splendid album Grand Huit that was released quite unnoticed ten years ago on CD. The 4-track adventures assembled on this album belong to the most exciting and underrated music he has ever produced, so a vinyl re-release and a better mastering were overdue!

Furthermore, Felix Raithel and Felix Kubin are feverishly working on the 2nd release of their Demo Dandies tape series. Part II with a selection of demos from Berlin is closed to be finished.

For the 4-track people amongst you, here's a snowball into your thirsty mouth: Another Teenage Tapes compilation of Felix Kubin will be out on Minimal Wave (NYC) in early September, with 6 sofar unreleased tracks on it. Dig it.

There are more fishes in the pond but we'll keep our mouths sealed until they break the surface of reality. Meanwhile stay tuned to our frequency and don't believe the hype.

2012-06-20 Orphee Mecanique CD release

After the first broadcast of Felix Kubin's radio play ORPHEE MECANIQUE on Bayerischer Rundfunk in March 2012, a lot of people have asked where they could get a copy of it. We are happy to announce that Intermedium Records will release the Hoerspiel on CD in September 2012. The Hoerspiel was awarded "radio play of the month" and will be performed live during the ARD Hoerspieltage at the ZKM (Center of Art and Media Technology) in Karlsruhe on November 9th this year.

2012-04-01 Orphee Mecanique Hoerspiel

For the last 3 months Felix Kubin has been busy with the production of his new radio play "Orphee Mecanique", a revision of the 2006 Hoerspiel "Orpheus Psykotron", which had its premiere on March 30. It's a pop-art existentialist version of the old Orpheus myth. Everything's automatized, even the dead are walking around like hard-working robots. Follow us into Kubin's version of the underworld, with lots of shadows, poems, strange sounds and dark desires...

Until April 6 you can listen to the radio play online.
There is also an interview with the author.

Don't worry about the German language - it won't kill you. And there are many songs and sounds and chilly atmospheres, hohoho...

2012-02-18 Demo Dandies Berlin

Tonight's Demo Dandies session is coming from bar "O Tannenbaum" in Berlin, Sonnenallee 27. You can listen to the live stream here from 22:00 h CET on for approximately 4 hours.

"Demo Dandies" features only amateur demos. The recordings are given to the DJs Felix Kubin and Felix Raeithel during the live event. For more information go to

2012-01-17 WDR radio feature on Historical Recordings and others

WDR (West German Radio) dedicates a whole programme to "ambivalent sound projects" such as Mechthild von Leusch, Ursula Bogner, Jiri Kantor and the Historical Recordings.
It will be broadcast on 25.2.2012 at 23:05 h CET.

Here is the link

2012-01-13 Some Duration on your Cells

Before will finally be restarted and blossom in new colours and structure (just like this very Gagarin site), which might be in spring, at least we aim at that date, the NEWS about Kubin and Co. will be spreaded over here on the very label site, so sharpen your lenses for some short-cut facts of the future (which only exists by theory, not by experience):

ad 1
New Kubin album (2LP/CD) out on his schoolfriend's label it's. It's the label's name.
Title: TXRF (which stands for, yeah, you guessed it: Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence). Pure sequencer music without drumcomputer (I hope you will cope). Ok there's one exception but it's not the track you'd expect, so don't you even try to guess. All handmachine-made with KORG MS-20s, Sherman Filterbank and a bit of that Electrix Repeater which is out of production since many years much to my mom's and dad's dismay.
Release date: 13.2.2012 (physical) - 20.2.2012 (digital) - 39.11.0200 (telepathic)

ad 2
Heroically, an old tetchy Felix Kubin track will be on the compilation Minimal Wave Tapes: Vol II, a joint release by New York's doozy Minimal Wave and L.A.'s floosy Stones Throw. Two excellent labels, to say the least. Finally, the track "Japan Japan" is available on vinyl now, so sharpen your gladrags for da dancaflur.

ad 3
21.1.11 Kubin live at Gebäude 9, Lüneburg, with his old paypal Nova Huta
18.2.11 Demo Dandies #2 at O Tannenbaum, Berlin. Felix Raeithel and Felix Kubinski play your demos but first read this.

2011-12-31 Prix Phonurgia Nova 2011 for Felix Kubin Hörspiel

Felix Kubin won the Prix Phonurgia Nova for his radio play "Säugling, Duschkopf, Damenschritte" (Infant, shower head, female steps - autoproduction 2010). The competition was set up in 1986 by grandmaster Pierre Schaeffer himself in order to support sound art and creativity in radio.

Phonurgia Nova (English)
Deutschlandradio  (German)
Le Monde (French)

You can listen to the Hörspiel here

2011-11-22 Felix Kubin under the influence

Kubin live talk at some recent concerts

Unsound (Krakow, Poland)
Dancity (Perugia, Italy)
Club Mod (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2011-09-17 Demo Dandies#1

The first issue of the Demo Dandies tape series is out now!
DD#1 focuses on unknown bands from Hamburg.

The series is based on a DJ concept by Felix Kubin and Felix Raeithel. Bored by the lack of interactivity between DJ and audience they decided to play only amateur demos given to them at their DJ gigs. Each release of the tape series is compiled from these unreleased tracks, concentrating on the local scene.

For more information go to

2011-09-07 Deutsche Kassettentäter part 2 online now

INTERRUPTIONS #5. Deutsche Kassettentäter. The rise of the German home-recording tape scene #2. (60' 59'')

ZickZack label founder Alfred Hilsberg and author Frank Apunkt Schneider talk about the cultural, social and political conditions in Germany at the end of the seventies that gave rise to a radical new type of music, which Schneider describes as 'the undirected aggression of the freed noises'.

Listen to it on Radio Web Macba

2011-08-05 New radio mix by Felix Kubin on Dublab

Mr Frosty of the fantastisch Dublab radio has put my radio mix "Stop der Information" online here.

2011-08-05 Ergo Phizmiz wins Hoerspiel Prize

Our label hero Ergo Phizmiz won a prize for his recent radio drama "Disappearing Boxes". The man has discovered the wonderful medium HOERSPIEL (radio play) for himself and no-one can stop him anymore.

First, he entered the realm of cinema d'oreilles with a wonderful drama about German expressionist artist Paul Klee and his Zwitschermaschine that he created for the mighty BBC. His recent play "Disappearing Boxes" was produced for the Studio Akustische Kunst which belongs to the equally mighty WDR in Cologne, a radio station that became famous for its pioneering electroacoustic works in the middle of the 20th century. Next to RAI in Italy and RTF in France, the WDR was one of the first playgrounds for musique concrète artists.

2011-07-12 Two Tongues At The Centrifuge (Radio Mix)

I just made a new radio mix for

Some sweet nightmare music featuring mostly unreleased demo tracks by artists like David Fenech, Tencu + Katrin Essenson, Ela Orleans, Les Restes, Emmanuelle de Hericourt, Barry Bermange + Delia Derbyshire, Felix Kubin + Fritz Ostermayer, Meryll Hardt, Like A Tim, Coeurt Vert and more...

2011-06-26 DEMO DANDIES - Musik aus schiefen Kellern am 28.7.2011

28.7.2011 ab 18.00
MS DOCKVILLE KUNSTCAMP (Reiherstieg Hauptdeich Ecke Alte Schleuse), Hamburg

Felix Kubin (Gagarin Records) und Felix Raeithel (Sozialistischer Plattenbau) spielen Demo-Aufnahmen aus dem Publikum und aus ihren Label-Archiven.
Musikalisch umrahmt/umarmt von Tape-J Jessica Tomorrow.

Wir wollen Eure Demo-Aufnahmen!

Kon- und Dissonanzen Hamburgs, vereinigt Euch!
Wir suchen Musik, wie sie einmal war, bevor Deutschland den Superstar suchte.
Kommt aus Euren Löchern, ihr Lurche!

Die Kirche des Lärms wartet.
Mitmachen kann jede/r, der/die persönlich zum Festival erscheint.

Felix Kubin (Gagarin Records)
Felix Raeithel (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)

"Demo Dandies" ist kein Nachwuchswettbewerb, sondern ein Keller voller Leichen. Nur Zähne wachsen nach. Alles andere ist gezielter Zufall.

> Teilnahmebedingungen

2011-06-06 Gagarin Records Kurzportrait im Titel-Magazin

Das Titel-Magazin hat sich aus gegebenem Anlass - dem 50jährigen Jubiläum des ersten bemannten Raumflugs - unserem Label gewidmet und stellt die letzten drei Veröffentlichungen vor: Max Goldt, Technical Drawings und die in der Presse frenetisch gefeierten und leider bereits ausverkauften "Historischen Aufnahmen Vol. 1".

Link zum Artikel

2011-04-15 How to hold a quill

Making of the cover artwork for the record "Max Goldt - L'Eglise des Crocodiles" by the graphic designer/calligrapher Frank Ortmann in 2011.

Click here

2011-04-12 Gagarin 50th anniversary

Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Juri Gagarin's first space flight!
In the occasion of this eminent event many Gagarin Records artists have created some audio and visual hommages

Go to Morpheus Panoptikum!

Contributions by Puyo Puyo, Jesse Stiles (of Technical Drawings), Mariola Brillowska, Ergo Phizmiz, Wojtek Kucharczyk, Boris D Hegenbart-Matsui, Vernon & Burns, Pete Um and Gunter Adler

2011-03-31 Max Goldt and Technical Drawings

With a bit of delay, Technical Drawings (GR 2025) and Max Goldt (GR 2024) are finally available at and dig their way to stores and distributors. Here's a nice video of a Technical Drawings live concert.

2011-03-17 Radiaator Festival Tallinn

The Raadiaator festival is starting today in Tallinn, Estonia.

Felix Kubin plays demo tapes by artists of Tallinn (Estonia). LIVE!
They bring their CD-Rs directly to the DJ.
In between he features some demos of his own archive.
Tonight at 22 h CET

Paralektronoia lecture performance by Kubin and lots of other stuff by Paul Devens (NL), Sarah Washington/Knut Aufermann of Resonance FM (UK/D), Nebojsa Milikic (SRB), Eesti Elekter (EE), eleOnora (EE) and others


2011-03-07 Pete Um featured in the WIRE

Our favourite breeder of horses, Pete Um, is featured together with Man From Uranus, Nochexxx and The Doozer in a brilliant long article in this month's WIRE (March 2011). Great photos of these survivors of the non-existing music scene in Cambridge, a city of meadows.

2011-03-02 We are online!!!!!

Finally, after years of programming and testing, this page has been re-constructed and and turned into a content management system that allows fast updates and looks much more beautiful. This new website makes us independent from corporate mass platforms like myspace and facebook. During the next months there will be more pictures, reviews etc. Take a look at our new releases: Technical Drawings (GR 2025), Max Goldt (GR 2024) and Historical Recordings Vol. I (GR 2013).  Soon we will start filling the re-programmed site with content to finally move it to the same quality level as this one.

Big thanks to Bartek Kujawski a.k.a. 8rolek for his fantastic programming and to Jessica Broscheit who took care of the new layout!